Flappy Bird for PC Free Download For Computer

Flappy Bird is a smartphone game for iOS and Android devices that was developed by Dong Nguyen and published by .GEARS Studios, both based in Vietnam.

Flappy Bird is a side-scrolling mobile game featuring 2D retro style graphics. You control a flying bird by tapping on the screen to make its wings flap and you need to pass through pipes without touching them. Your score is simply the number of pipes you’ve managed to pass without collision.

IMPORTANT: As of February 10, 2014, the creator of the game has removed it from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, so the original game is not available anymore through official channels. However, the BlueStacks emulator that we will be using has its own copy that can be installed without any hassles.

Temple Run 2 For PC Download Step-By-Step Guide

  1. If you have already installed and configured BlueStacks correctly, just run BlueStacks and skip ahead to step 5.
  2. Download BlueStacks For PC.
  3. Install BlueStacks For Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.
  4. Configure your Google Account for BlueStacks.
  5. Click on ‘Search‘.
  6. Enter ‘Flappy Bird‘ and click on the Flappy Bird icon that will show directly below the search box. IMPORTANT: Do not click on the button below to “Search Play for ‘Flappy Bird’”, as the official game has been removed from the Play store. Otherwise you will only find clones and fakes.
  7. There will be a delay because BlueStacks downloads and installs its version of the game. This delay is very short, as the filesize of the game is very small.
  8. Flappy Bird will immediately run upon completion of the installation procedure. You’ll get a message explaining how to control the game with your physical keyboard. But you can control it through your mouse too.
  9. If you click this information message away, you are ready to go. Remember to not get too frustrated, as this game can be a real addictive nightmare!

So there you have it! You can now play the official version of Flappy Bird on your PC, even though officially it is not available anymore. Have fun and please be gentle to your hardware!

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  • http://www.appsondesktop.com/ Alain Schlesser

    I hate this game! :)
    My high score has been 23 so far… Any of you cracks out there managed to get 100+?