Get Status Information About Your Android Phone (Cell, Battery, WiFi)

Do you want to get detailed status information about your Wi-Fi connection or your battery state? We’ll show you a special Android dialing code that brings you to a hidden menu screen choke-full of technical details. All you need to do this dial in a secret code…

What information does this hidden screen include?

This screen shows you lots of technical data that is normally difficult to get to. You can see your IMEI, your exact signal strength (in dBm), detailed cell information, resets, disconnects, PPP sent and received, and so on… You can see the voltage, temperature and health of your battery. You can read detailed usage statistics on how often and how long you use each of your apps. And you can troubleshoot anything that has to do with your Wi-Fi connections, as you’ll get lots of information about each saved and current connection.

How do I get to this hidden screen?

  1. Navigate to your dialing pad, and dial the following special code:

    As soon as you have dialed the last asterisk, you’ll get a new screen with the main menu of this hidden section of your Android phone.

  2. You’ll get the Main Menu of the hidden information hub with four different sections:
    • Phone information
    • Battery information
    • Usage statistics
    • Wi-Fi information
  3. When you select the Phone Information section, you’ll get a long list of detailed data about your phone and it’s cell connection. This is wehre you can find your IMEI number.
  4. Scroll down on this section, and you’ll see a collection of buttons. These enable you to make specific adjustments to the way your phone connects to the service provider. Make sure you know what you’re doing before clicking any of these buttons!
  5. On the Battery Information screen, you can check what voltage your battery currently has, its temperature as well as its health (according to what your phone assumes it is).
  6. The Usage Statistics section shows you how many times you have launched the different apps you use and how much usage time you have spent in them (in milliseconds). You can sort by both of these values, or by the App name.
  7. If you go to the Wi-Fi Information section, you’ll get to a submenu with the following options:
    • Wi-Fi API
    • Wi-Fi-config
    • Wi-Fi-status
  8. The Wi-Fi-API section lets you connect/disconnect directly through the API calls.
    You can also disable the Wi-Fi network from here.
  9. The Wi-Fi Config section shows you information about all the Wi-Fi networks that have been saved in your phone.
    This list might be very large if you’ve been using a lot of public networks.
  10. The Wi-Fi Status section shows you detailed data about your current Wi-Fi connection.
    You can get things like the MAC address or the link speed from here.

I hope you can use some of the information that this secret diagnostic code provides and please be careful when making any changes in there!

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