How To Install BlueStacks On Mac OS X

BlueStacks is the best Android emulator around, and here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install BlueStacks on Mac OS X. You’ll see that it is pretty straightforward to install BlueStacks on Mac, so you’ll be enjoying your favorite Android games on Mac OS X in no time.

Where can I download BlueStacks for Mac?

We’ve already covered the download part in a previous article. Just click on the following link, it will take you straight to that article:

Come back here if you’ve successfully downloaded the installer (there’s a link back to this article at the bottom of that post).

Steps to install BlueStacks on Mac OS X

  1. Launch the installer that you’ve just downloaded.
  2. You’ll get a security warning because this executable file was downloaded from the Internet.
    As you’ve downloaded the installer file from the official BlueStacks homepage, you’ve got nothing to worry, so just click “Open” to continue.
  3. You Mac will now mount the downloaded file as a virtual drive an you’ll be presented with an installer window.
    Drag the BlueStacks Icon on top of the Applications Folder.
  4. When the installation has finished you should clean up the temporary files. Look for the “BlueStacks App Player” virtual drive on your desktop.
    Drag the virtual drive on top of your recycle bin. It will change into an eject symbol, which means that you’re unmounting the virtual drive. After that, you can delete the installer file you’ve previously downloaded.
  5. Now you can run BlueStacks through your Applications folder. You’ll be shown a startup screen which takes some time to precompile the Android OS files.
    Just wait until this procedure has finished.
  6. You’re now taken to the main screen of the BlueStacks Android emulator.

The installation is now done. You should continue by setting up your Google account so that you may access the Google Play store. Read the article below for detailed instructions on how to do this:

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